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Degelman Industries is pleased to announce the retirement of Zlatko Potocki after nearly 42 years.

June 27, 2016
Degelman Industries is pleased to announce the retirement of Zlatko Potocki after nearly 42 years.

Zlatko began his first day at Degelman Industries Ltd. on August 13th, 1974. His career with the company spanned nearly 42 years.

Jack and Paul Degelman both commend Zlatko with his unmatched dedication and and leadership qualities. During his tenure with Degelman he was a “model employee” – his attendance history speaks for itself. Our attendance history on the current system only goes back to 2001. Since then, Zlatko has missed .25 days of work. That’s 2.5 hours of work in the past 15 years!

In the early years “Zlats” held a position throughout the Fab department running machines such as the Moline drills, Pearson brake and of course the iron worker where he earned the prestigious name “punch”. Zlats’ hard work and commitment to his job was noticed very early on in his career, no doubt, one of many reasons he was soon promoted to Lead hand and then Foreman of the Fabrication department. From there he went on to take a lead hand role on the paint line where worked for the later portion of his Degelman career.

This past year, Zlatko took on a new challenge as Paint line Supervisor, where he helped streamline many process’s and share his years of knowledge and experience so the next generation can pick up where he left of.

People that know Zlatko – some for as long as 35-42 years – talk about his strong qualities like being mild mannered, approachable, friendly and the ability to maintain calmness under most any circumstance. Qualities like being able to enjoy a fine cigar paired with a perfect scotch or brandy while sitting on his deck. Qualities like commitment and dedication which would explain why Zlats quite likely has had the best attendance record in all time Degelman history.

Looking forward to his retirement, Zlatko quite simply said: “I’ve already got lots of work lined up. My wife wants me to do this and that, and my daughters are making a list”.

Zlatko and his wife have 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren.

Congratulations on your retirement Zlatko! There is no doubt that you will keep busy and know that the doors at Degelman Industries are always open for you to visit.

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