Missing your summer farm show fix? Degelman Industries has you covered! Join us July 27th- 31st right here, plus on all of our social media channels for the Degelman Days Online Tradeshow. We are excited to bring a week of high performance equipment videos, including a brand new product launch, directly to your couch or tractor seat. Our goal is to bring the experience of checking out a Degelman Trade Show Booth online. And while you are here, you might as well stick around and check out our brand new website!


Strawmaster +

This is the Strawmaster+ heavy harrow. Available in 70 and 90 feet, this
harrow was designed from the ground up with the ultimate field finish in mind.
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Degelman Days continues with... The ProTill is the original High Performance Disc. Let Territory Manager Brian Shygera walk you through the tool more and more farmers choose for spring seedbed prep, and fall residue management.

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Strawmaster Pro

The Strawmaster Pro is more than a harrow. This is a dirt moving, straw shattering, field conditioning monster of a machine. Combined with the carbide Endura Tip tines, and available up to 120 feet, there is nothing else quite like harrowing like a pro.

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 Pro-Till 30 | 36 | 41 | 45 - The Next Generation Of Tillage

The next generation of high performance tillage is here! Territory Manager Derek Molnar is here to introduce some of the new and exciting features you will find on our 30, 36, 41 and 45 ft Pro-Till models.

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Strawmaster Series of Heavy Harrows

We pioneered the simple spring torsion bar system over 27 years ago, and we are still going strong today. Territory Manager Chad Jones talks about our Strawmaster series of heavy harrows and the game changing carbide Endura-Tip tines.

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 Here is a look at some of the High Performance equipment we are
showcasing during our 2020 Degelman Days Online Tradeshow. Enjoy!

M Series Manure Spreaders

The M Series of manure spreaders is unmistakably Degelman. Designed with rocks in mind, these manure spreaders can handle anything you can load in it. Territory Manager Derek Molnar is here to tell you more.

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Legendary Rock Removal

Degelman’s legendary rock removal equipment is the foundation that we were built on over 57 years ago. Our signature series and Rock King are heavy duty, rock picking machines. Territory Manager Chad Jones is here to give you a look.

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Pro-Till Narrow Transport Series

The Pro-Till Narrow Transport series folds up under 10 feet for easy transport from field to field. Built tough just like their bigger brothers, this is still high speed, high performance tillage that you would expect from Degelman.

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Pro-Till 20/26

The Protill 20/26 was Degelman’s first machine to feature True Greaseless Technology. We’ve made a commitment to make sure our equipment is designed to ensure a drop the pin and go mentality.

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