The LRX continues the Degelman tradition of building “Drop the Pin and Go” equipment. Once again, Degelman has raised the bar with the LRX Series. Our exclusive Hydraulic Power-fold System (HPS) makes the transition from road travel to field-working position effortless. No backing up, no driving forward. This is especially helpful when used in conjunction with other implements such as drills and planters.

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Degelman HPS

The HPS puts the Landroller LRX from transport to field position at your fingertips.


Zero Maintenance.

The core of the LRX design is over-built with Zero Maintenance - where you will find the latest technology in sealed bearings and oversized machined shafts and pins with maintenance free composite bushings and commercial grade quality.

Patented true 6 lip sealed bearings are designed to eliminate the need for re-lubrication, saving precious hours needed for field work.



Oversized Electroless
Plated Nickel Pin

At 2” in diameter, these high-tensile steel
pins are 60% larger than any other pin on
the market.


Bushing Seal

The wiper edge removes even the toughest dirt and contaminants from the pin, keeping the system running clean and at its peak performance. The metal enclosure ensures a secure fit in the open housing, preventing expulsion of the wiper even under extreme conditions, and a low carbon steel case with rust inhibitor helps prevent premature corrosion.

Superior Yields

Degelman Landrollers decrease downtime and fuel costs, and provide optimal seed to soil contact while reducing weeds and moisture loss. Level land allows cutter bars to safely access the base of plants limiting the risk of hitting or ingesting rocks. This allows for a faster, safer and easier harvest, which ultimately translates into an increased yield on pulse crops such as beans and lentils. Since the early years, Degelman has earned the reputation and built a tradition of excellent customer service by making overbuilt equipment that exceeds expectations in the field.

The LRX is another Degelman product that sets a new industry standard. If you have been searching for value in a piece of equipment that simply won't let you down, you'll love the Degelman LRX Series extreme duty Landroller.

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Over-Built. Built to Last.

As the Canadian leader in Landroller resale value for decades, Degelman continues to build farm equipment that simply outperforms and outlasts with minimal attention to machine servicing required.

The over built frame is made out of eight inch structural tubing. The drums are manufactured from 42 inch diameter pipe with over-sized shafts and bearings. Extreme duty cross joints and high quality cylinders and bearings are just a few of the standard features incorporated into this machine.

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Pin Eye Cylinders

The welded pin eye cylinder series is designed to withstand the most demanding applications on the market today. Lion’s extensive design experience has resulted in a premium rephasing cylinder with the latest in sealing and rephasing technology and standard lion1000 induction hardened rods for the ultimate in corrosion protection and durability.

Weight, where weight is needed. 42” Drum, .6” Wall

The LRX® was designed with weight in mind. The large 42” drum applies packing pressure exactly where it is needed.

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Simplified. Organized. Ergonomic.

The LRX® was designed with a user experience in mind. Our Kennfixx knurled grip couplers are ergonomic and color coordinated to match your tractors hydraulics. When not in use, the hydraulic hoses are tucked away neatly in each of their own color coded slots. The user manual is easily accessible and safe from damage.

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Dual End Wheels

Dual end wheels mean safe and sound transport. The wheels afford a stable base for the overbuilt frame while providing outstanding floatation in the field.

Goodyear Farm Highway Service II

The Round shape of the Goodyear Farm Highway Service II sidewall greatly improves durability. This premium highway speed implement tire has a flatter tread profile to increase contact area and the large radius tread grooves reduce groove cracking.


Simple Transport

The LRX moves into transport position as easily as the HPS (Hydraulic Power Fold System) moves it into field position. Simply back off the HPS hydraulics and pull forward.

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Drum Width Configuration

12’-6” | 11’-6” | 12’-6”

15' | 11'-6" | 15'

17’-6” | 11’-6” | 17’-6”

20' | 11'-6" | 20'

23’ | 11’-6” | 23’

Working Width






Drum Width (wing)






Transport Length






Working Weight

22,890 lbs

24,440 lbs

25,990 lbs

27,540 lbs

29,410 lbs

Weight Per Ft

636 lbs

596 lbs

565 lbs

540 lbs

516 lbs

Transport Hitch Weight




1,200 lbs


Hydraulics - Hitch Float

4” x 12” x 2” Rod

4” x 12” x 2” Rod

4” x 12” x 2” Rod

4” x 12” x 2” Rod

4” x 12” x 2” Rod

Hydraulics - Transport (center)

4” x 12” x 2” Rod

4” x 12” x 2” Rod

4” x 12” x 2” Rod

4” x 12” x 2” Rod

4” x 12” x 2” Rod

Hydraulics - Transport (wing)

4-1/2” x 20” x 2” Rod

4-1/2” x 20” x 2” Rod

5” x 20” x 2” Rod

5” x 20” x 2” Rod

5” x 20” x 2” Rod

Hydraulics - Powerfold

4-1/2” x 20” x 2” Rod

4-1/2” x 20” x 2” Rod

4-1/2” x 20” x 2” Rod

4-1/2” x 20” x 2” Rod

5” x 20” x 2” Rod




Drum Diameter


Drum Overlap


Drum Width (center)


Transport Width


Transport Height


Hitch Pole Thickness

4” x 8” x 1/4”

Center Frame Thickness

6” x 8” x 1/4” & 6” x 8” x 1/2”

Wing Frame Thickness

6” x 8” x 1/4”

Drum Wall Thickness


Drum Bearings

3” Ball - 6-Lip Seal

Drum Shaft (impact resistant)

4” with 3” Bearing

Cross Joint Pins

4140 HT, Induction Hardened-TG 2-1/2” diameter

Tires (center frame)

12.5 L x 15 (8-Ply)

Tires (wing)

12.5 L x 15 (8-Ply)

Floating Hitch


Safety Lights


Autofold (transport to field)


Autofold (field to transport)

Drive Forward


Engineered Tough