Introducing the Degelman Pro-Cast, the world’s first precision granular applicator designed specifically for the Degelman Pro-Till High Performance Discs and Strawmaster series of heavy harrows.

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Whether you’re seeding or applying herbicides, the Degelman Pro-Cast is designed to deliver an accurate spread of product in any kind of field conditions.


The Pro-Cast includes state of the art features including a Non-Pressurized tank, Isobus controls and a simple, accurate metering system that is designed to make granular application, and cover crop seeding safer and more efficient than ever.


Simple Metering System

The Pro-Cast's simple metering system is easy to calibrate and offers high accuracy for a granual applicator. 

With poly housing and easy to adjust metering wheels, this streamlined system will get you in the field working fast. 




Unique Tank Design

The Pro-Cast features a sleek and rugged steel tank with hidden platform and ladder. It also includes a plastic fan housing, screw on lid and bulk bag support frame. There is also an easy access gate to empty the tank. 





Additional features include: 

- Tank level indicator
- Calibration door indicator 
- Cab monitor 
- Equipment harness

- Bulk bag support frame (optional)



Model PC80 PC120
Capacity 80 Cubic Ft/ 65 Bushels 120 Cubic Ft/ 95 Bushels
Max. Application Rate 200 lbs/ acre @ 10 MPH (40ft Pro-Till) 60 lbs/ acre @ 10MPH (100 ft Strawmaster Pro)
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