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The Silage King is built on the same rock-solid foundation that Degelman is known for, and includes features that will significantly improve how you push silage. With our new streamlined design, this blade pushes silage with less horsepower, while maximizing the approach angle - allowing you to push the silage up where it belongs.

Designed for Silage

The Silage King with silage extension comes in at 75" tall - the tallest dozer blade in the industry. The curvature has been slightly flattened out from the 7900 in order to prevent the blade from holding on to excess material, allowing for even distribution. With more height, and less curvature, you can push more silage with less horsepower.

Reversible Cutting Edge

With mounting holes in the center of the cutting edge, simply flip it over and you are ready to go with a brand new edge. With 1-5/8” of wear per side, you can push twice as long with this new reversible cutting edge design.

Silage Light Kit Ready

When it's time to push silage, we know work doesn't stop when the sun goes down. That's why we've included mounting brackets and an optional Silage King light kit. This kit includes 4 individually adjustable, premium LED lights with amber marking lights at extremities. Easily mount the kit with the pre-drilled holes in the silage extension, and you're ready to roll.

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Simple and Effective

The sleek new design of the Silage King keeps silage flowing where it belongs. We've redesigned the lower third of the blade and removed the cutting edge frogs, allowing silage to flow smooth and evenly underneath the cutting edge.

We’ve also updated the skid shoe to a cast mushroom style, making this component much easier to replace. Adjustments to the skid shoe are easy with the continuously variable ratchet jack - just like the well known 7900 series blade.

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Quick Blade Attach System

With the fast pace of today's industry, quickly attaching and detaching equipment is of the utmost importance. We’ve implemented the standard Degelman H/QT full frame removable design, and combined it with a new quick blade drop off system. Pull two pins and you are ready to mount or dismount the blade.

Newly Designed Bell

Enjoy the maintenance free design of the
newly engineered bell of the Silage King. This
wide tilt bell gives you more room to tilt the
blade, all without the need for greasing.

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Quickly Transition to Narrow Transport

Customers asked - Degelman delivered. Certain areas limit the transport width of machinery to 14’ on the highway. Our all new design features a swinging 1’ extension system that keeps the blade within transport restrictions, without sacrificing valuable blade width.

This unique hinge design allows for a quick and easy transition to narrow transport mode, and features an integrated hook and receiver on the rear of the blade. Simply remove the extension bolts, swing it back, and the blade is ready for transport.

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Reduced Overhang for Better Control

In order to give the operator more control, we’ve moved the blade 19” closer to the tractor. This reduced overhang improves control while keeping the blade at the ideal approach angle to the silage pile.


A Unique Approach

When working with large amounts of silage, approach angle is key. When we designed the Silage King, we reduced the lift height, brought the blade closer to the tractor, and kept the approach angle at 25 degrees. This helps you push the silage up at a greater angle, making the most out of your space in the silage pit.

Degelman’s Radial Lift Approach


Competitor’s Parallel Lift Approach

When an adjustment needs to be made by the operator, fast blade response time is necessary. The Degelman Silage King is mounted with only one pivot point, making the response time as quick as possible. This radial lift design makes it easier to push, carrying loads UP the pile, rather than INTO the pile.

The parallel lift approach, used by competitors, not only pushes silage INTO the pile, but also contains up to 6 different pivot points, causing slow blade reaction time when an adjustment is made by the operator. This outdated approach can cause numerous headaches when pushing silage.

Engineered Tough