Move High Volumes of Snow

Degelman's patented Speedblade™ is the perfect snow contractor tool. This high performance snow blade is designed so you can hydraulically open the blade to its maximum width for small and large snow drifts or fold the wings in to move and contain high volumes of snow.

It's easy to transport without detaching the blade and highly maneuverable so that you can get in and out of tight spaces easily. It's made to move volumes of snow quickly and effortlessly. 

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Move Snow 5x Faster

With the ability to position the wings wide-up to 15' wide-you can use your skid steer loader to move snow five times faster than a conventional plow alone. And with the option to hydraulically put the wings at whatever angle you want, you can change the width as you go depending on snow fall and how much room you have to maneuver. This high performance snow blade is designed to fit skid steers and tractors effortlessly. 

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Product Image

High Maneuverability

The Speedblade® is as maneuverable as your skid steer itself. In fact, you can position the blade small enough to go through spaces only a few inches wider than your skid steer. So whether it's big parking lots, sidewalks or industrial yards, you can change the width on the fly depending on the job and dart around the site quickly and easily. Available in 15' width.

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High Visibility

We designed the Speedblade® with a low profile so the operator can have the highest visibility as possible. So you can see what's going on in front of you for increased safety, accuracy and efficiency. Even the optional snow/silage extensions are designed with visibility and performance in mind.

Control the Snow Better

When a regular straight blade or bucket plows heavy drifts, the snow trails easily off the sides and you have to do more passes. With the Degelman Speedblade®, you can hydraulically move the blades into a U position so you can cup, contain and direct the snow even in tight spots. This way you can move a higher volume of snow with less passes and trail-off. Plus, you can easily pile the snow as high as your machine can reach.


Blade Height


Blade Height w/ Top Sno-Extension


Blade Width


Wing Width


Blade Weight

1,350 lbs

Center Width


Wing Operation Range

97° forward, 56° back

Full Length Skid Shoe

3/4" x 4"

Transport Width - Folded Forward


Engineered Tough