The All New Strawmaster + was designed from the ground up to provide the ultimate field finish. Available in 4, 5, and 7 row configurations, the Strawmaster + can be customized to match your specific needs. Combined with our carbide Endura-Tip tines the Strawmaster + is unlike any harrow on the market today. 

add up all these features and you'll see
why it's called strawmaster +

At the heart of the machine are the robust 10x10 wing beams. These provide consistent beam torque and tine pressure throughout the machine, and help spread straw evenly for a more consistent field finish. 

Available in 4 row | 5 row | 7 row configurations 

- 4 row features 5/8" x 30" tines

- 5 row features 5/8" x 26" tines

- 7 row features 1/2" x 26" tines

Our re-configured cylinder set up gives you increased power for tine angle. When conditions are tough, have the confidence knowing that the Strawmaster + will have the power to manage and spread the straw as you need. 

The re-designed inboard transport/ wing wheel assembly makes it effortless to go in and out of transport position. Spring and Fall work time is short, we want to make sure you can get from field to field quickly and efficiently. 


Put away the grease gun. The window for spring and fall work is quick and unforgiving. Give yourself the upper hand with game-changing, maintenance-free technology.

You may have noticed, Degelman has made its mark in the industry by over doing things. Making our machines big and heavy, developing practical solutions and holding tight manufacturing tolerances, simply makes Degelman machines perform better, last longer with less problems.

Exclusive Self-Lubricated,Zero Maintenance Bushing

These bushings, manufactured from a friction liner applied on a glass fiber structure, have excellent friction properties and improved wear resistance without external lubrication, even on high loads.

Bushing Seal

The wiper edge removes even the toughest dirt and contaminants from the pin, keeping the system running clean and at its peak performance. The metal enclosure ensures a secure fit in the open housing, preventing expulsion of the wiper, even under extreme conditions.

Oversized Electroless Plated Nickel Pin

At 2” in diameter, these high-tensile steel pins are 60% larger than any other pin on the market.

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Product Image

The Strawmaster + has a narrower transport width than our previous Strawmaster series - coming in at 12' 6". The inboard transport/ wing wheel assembly allows for the machine to follow the tractor more closely, making it easier to get in and out of narrow trails into the field. 

There are three setting indicators on the Strawmaster +. One for cart height, one for beam torsion and one for tine angle. Knowing exactly how your machine is running is key when getting your desired field finish. 

No cables required. Large hydraulic latches hold on to the truss arms securely to ensure safe operation in field position. 

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Product Image
Product Image

Model SM+ | 70 SM+ | 90
Width 70' 90'
Weight 18,720 lbs (4 row), 19,340 lbs (5 row), 20,850 lbs (7 row) 21,380 lbs (4 row), 22,340 lbs (5 row) 23,770 lbs (7 row)
Horsepower(min) 400 500
Horsepower(ideal) 450 550
Transport length 55' 65'
Harrow sections 7 9
Wing beam 10"x10"x1/4" 10"x10"x1/4"
Cross joints 2" vertical & 2-1/2" horizontal 2" vertical 2-1/2" horizontal
Tires 550/45R22.5 550/45R22.5
Hitch weight +280 lbs (min) +110 lbs (min)
Transport width 12'-6" 12'-6"
Transport height 13'-6" 13'-6"
Trailer frame 6"x8"x1/4" &  4"x8"x3/8" 6"x8"x1/4" & 4"x8"x3/8"
Rows of tines 4, 5, 7 4, 5, 7


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