Since 1962, Degelman Industries has pioneered the perfect balance of engineered toughness and intelligent design. The result is outstanding equipment that exceeds expectations and outperforms. We achieve this through meticulous design and vigilant customer service. Every day, our Customer Service Centre's goal is to make sure customers are taken care of no matter how long ago our equipment was bought. Our customers are our number one priority. If you have any problems in the field with our products, we address them and improve them immediately. It's all part of our Degelman philosophy. Because if it has our name on it, we expect nothing short of optimal performance and exceptional service.


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Service/Warranty Contacts:

Customer Service Center:
Toll free: 800-667-3545

Service Manager: Riley Rosenkranz
mobile: (306) 530 5787

Tim Taylor – Product Support Specialist
Mobile: (765) 299-1904

Admir Hajric – Product Support Specialist
Mobile: (701) 430-0397