The patented Degelman OnePass system reduces operating costs by mowing and applying herbicide simultaneously. A unique delivery system allows you to apply herbicide in sensitive areas without running the risk of airborne drift or contamination.

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Effective Treatment

The treatment is applied without drift or ground soak. Instead,herbicide is delivered from a hermetically sealed fluid reservoir, via centrifugal force, through the blade bolt to the underside of the blade. Less water is used. Less chemical is used. Less risk of drift.  More efficient use of time and resources.  Independent studiesconclude OnePass treatments are effective control of Canada Thistle, for example and this method of application is dramatically more effective than mowing only or traditional foliar applied applications. Grass is cut and weeds are killed at the source.

Practical Solution

Unlike competitors, OnePass’s patented technology can be used on standard Degelman REV cutter gearboxes without compromising drive shaft strength or risk gearbox contamination and failure. OnePass is the only cost effective and practical solution for roadside vegetation management. Period.



Herbicide is brushed on the stem of the plant with a wiping motion. Wiping the chemical on the stem after cutting is the most effective way to achieve a high kill rate.



The plant absorbs the herbicide down into the vascular system before scabbing over. The plant dies and will not re-sprout.


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Included Components

  • Steel enclosure containing the following:
    • 2 Chemical tanks, white poly.
    • 1 Chemical injection pump with integrated motor speedcontroller and calibration tube.
    • 3 polypropylene ball valves.
    • 3 inline 80 mesh strainers
    • aluminium distribution manifold.
    • manual storage box.
    • spill kit and emergency shovel.
    • Chemwash, freshwater tank, yellow poly with checkvalve protection to chemical tanks & front spigot valve for quick access.
  • 3 Blade mounts with built in reservoir & distribution channels.
  • 6 Fluid transfer blade bolts. (Purchaser may choose to purchase more, as these are wear items).
  • 6 Cutting blades, 5” wide x 25-1/2” long x 1/2 in thick.
  • 3 Dust seal mounts, required for reservoir blade mount.
  • 3 Teflon, double lip dust seals. (Purchaser may choose to order an extra set as these are wear items).
  • 3 Distribution hoses, with stainless steel gearbox transfer bolts and check valves.
  • 1 Raven SCS4070 control console.
  • 1 Console wiring.
  • 1 Tractor power wiring harness.
  • 1 Mower wiring harness.

Optional Components

  • Sidearm wiring harness, 27 ft long.
  • Radar stand-alone kit with cables.
  • Radar cable to connect to existing tractor radar if equipped.
  • GPS speed sensing unit. For ground speed only, no mapping or memory.


  • Uses standard Degelman mower blades with specifically designed blade bolts.
  • Stainless steel fittings, check valves and fluid transfer bolts.
  • High pressure, urethane coated delivery hoses for chemicalresistance and durability.
  • Heavy duty blade mount reservoir with internal channels forchemical delivery.
  • Replaceable Teflon dust seal around blade reservoir to eliminate contamination.

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Low Profile

Applying herbicide by means of a rotary cutter may go nearly un-detected, as big spray tanks, spray booms and clouds of spray are neithervisible or present.


Dual product tanks allow the user to carry and apply two different products for targeting, and controlling a broader range of vegitation.


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Herbicide can be applied to sensitive areas with very low risk of drift or contamination compared to a sprayer or spray truck.



Perform two operations simultaneously to save time and cut costs by mowing vegetation and applying herbicide at the same time.


Independent test results show on average that using OnePass is 240% more effective than mowing only and 20% more effective than spraying only.


Data Collection

Available connections supplied for add-on GPS data logging.

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