Available in sizes from 20 to 80 feet, a Degelman roller provides combine protection by flattening the fields and pounding the stones in, making it possible to harvest peas, lentils, and beans quickly and efficiently. The 36” drum provides excellent packing pressure and smooth operating.

We also offer our LRX series of Landrollers. A big, heavy, 42” rolling drum on 3” sealed bearings, hydraulic power-fold, and oversized pins with composite bushings, this makes the LRX series of landrollers completely greaseless and maintenance free.

36" vs. 42" Drum Size

A smaller diameter 36" drum, since it has less surface area, will provide more downward packing pressure per foot. In areas that are traditionally more minimum till to no-till, this extra packing pressure will handle stones and level the field more consistently. 

For areas that are more aggressively tilled, and hayland, a 42" has less packing pressure per foot, but makes up for it with a heavier drum and frame. 

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