High Performance Tillage

This is Pro-Till by Degelman. The fastest and most versatile piece of tillage equipment you will ever own, Pro-Till shreds heavy fall residue, opens up spring fields, levels ruts, destroys clods and produces an absolutely perfect seed bed. Pro-Till is High Speed, High Performance Tillage.

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True High Speed Tillage

The Pro-Till shreds residue at speeds over 10 mph, up to three times the speed of traditional cultivators, while ensuring uniform distribution of residue to eliminate problems such as uneven and delayed emergence, hair pinning, erosion and seeder/planter plugging.

Level Ruts, Clean up Cattails and Sloughs

Pro-Till is your single spring and fall solution to tillage needs. Pro-Till is ideal for fixing headlands, leveling and filling ruts and tracks in the spring or fall and cleaning up cattails and sloughs. Today’s heavy tractors, trucks, sprayers, grain carts and center-fill planters can produce deep, compacted ruts that restrict root growing space, inhibiting yields and potentially damaging expensive equipment.

The Degelman Pro-Till high performance disc has just the right amount of dirt carrying capacity to level almost any field. One or two additional cross-direction passes may be required to completely level and fill the most severe ruts.

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Break Pasture and Grassland

The Degelman Pro-Till is a versatile tool to add to your farming operation. In addition to managing your residue and cleaning up your fields, The Pro-Till offers the ability to turn pastures or grassland into farmable land in as few as 2-3 passes, depending on any prior work, including burning or breaking. By reducing the amount of different tools needed to convert your pasture into profitable farmland, the Degelman Pro-Till saves you time and money.

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Residue Management

Yields can be hampered by tough, heavy residue from crops like peas, sunflowers, barley, wheat, soybeans, cotton and BT corn. This is no longer a problem. Pro-Till is ideally pulled fast - 10 to 14 mph fast. Our proven combination of independent disc arms, with small diameter shallow discs, motion-


dampening rubber suspension, sturdy frame and cutting-edge furrow rollers allow this tillage tool to slice through residue as never seen before. Pro-Till will cut, weed, throw and mix soils at incredible speeds and usually in one pass. This is a true residue-killing machine.

Prepare Your
Seedbed Quickly

Pro-Till’s cultivation design creates a superior field finish in one pass by combining an aggressive till action with an exclusive furrow roller system. The shallow, high speed discs cut and mix residue to ensure a healthy soil structure. The ridge shape of the rollers crushes, clods and creates a corrugated soil profile and an ideal seedbed.

The Pro-Till has the unique ability to cultivate and warm the soil during cold wet conditions when all other forms of tillage plug and fail. In as little as one day and after one pass, frigid heavy residue soil is cut, turned, mixed, firmed and ready for seeding. Pro-Till in the spring can mean the difference between success and failure.

Rubber Suspension System
Offers Flawless Rock Protection

Degelman knows a thing or two about rocks. Conditions aren’t always perfect. That’s why the Pro-Till disc system replaces the traditional gang with independent disc arms that slice and mix soil at speeds never before achieved. When a stone is encountered, the rubber elements roll and compress, automatically dampening the impact and providing protection, while immediately springing the disc back into operation.

Maximum Trash Flow

Pro-Till discs have a shallow face to eliminate compaction layers, and the high-tensile strength steel arms provide maximum flow through with three times the spring back of normal mild steel.

Pro-Till’s high-speed, aggressive tillage, combined with more room between the discs, maximizes trash flow and eliminates plugging.

Weight is Inherent in the Overbuilt Frame

Other machines require extra weight stacks, but the Pro-Till carries its weight in the frame - where it should be. As the heavyweight in the industry, with an average per-foot weight of nearly 1,000 lbs, the Pro-Till has the downward force to handle the most extreme soil and trash conditions.

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Maintenance-Free Depth Control

Adjusting the front and rear cutting depth on Pro-Till is easy and accurate. Mechanical plates swivel in or out to adjust cutting depth in 1/2 inch intervals, making this a simple, organized and reliable system.

Maintenance-Free Rock
Shaft Bushings

These Devol composite bushings are maintenance-free and greaseless. They are shock, abrasion and wear resistant. The bushings are very low friction making them durable and hard wearing. They will not corrode.

Simplified. Organized. Ergonomic.

From start to finish, Pro-Till was designed with a user experience in mind. Our Kennfixx knurled grip couplers are hassle free, ergonomic and color coordinated to easily identify which hydraulics are routed to which action on the Pro-Till. When not in use, the hydraulic hoses are tucked away neatly in each of their own color coded slots. The user manual is easily accessible and safe from damage.

Oversized Hydraulic Jack

Pro-Till’s hydraulic jack with oversized leveling pad is centered on the machine for perfect balance and stability on any ground surface. With its large range of motion, the jack is easily controlled by one operator for any vehicle height.

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A unique benefit of the Pro-Till is the patented roll forward frame design which gives operators the ability to completely rotate the frame and rear disc sections off the ground, making it easy to maneuver out of trouble in wet conditions. This design, together with the impressive weight distributions of the oversized high-flotation tires, lets the operator back up, drive forward, unplug, or simply drive away from any difficulty.

Degelman’s self-contour frame allows Pro-Till to follow the curvature of varying terrains while maintaining a consistent depth. The independent wing sections and a shallow floating frame give Pro-Till the flexibility to handle steep inclines or downward slopes. This floating, self-contouring design, coupled with Pro-Till’s independent discs, help produce a flawless, uniform field.


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Double V

The Double V Notch blade does the job of slicing & penetrating in hard soils, cutting straw and residue, providing traction to keep the blades rotating, and helps keep the machine anchored and stable as it’s pulled through the soil. The result is a smoother furrow bottom compared to the more conventional U notch blade.

A patented heat-treating process results in a “transitional” hardness profile where the inner section is less hard (for ductility), and the outer wear area is at maximum hardness, resulting in the Double V Notch blades lasting longer by 20% or more compared to competitors’ blades. They are produced from high-quality boron / medium-carbon steel, along with other properties which help maintain toughness at the higher hardness level of the finished product.


The concave disc does an excellent job of tilling and inverting the soil. The action of the disc depends on the speed. The biggest advantage this disc offers is durability and longevity.

Notched concave discs provide a very aggressive cutting edge that is well suited for soil penetration. These discs are a good choice for residue management.


Real world conditions can be harsh. Our unique Pro-Till bearings withstand constant vibration, high shock and severe loads. These long-life, double-row angular contact ball bearings are designed to provide years of reliable operation in every kind of soil condition; from cold and wet, to dry and dusty. Best of all, because they never require greasing, these bearings are maintenance-free. After extensive use, the bearing housing itself can be changed out quickly and easily with one bolt.

Preventing contamination is the key to any long life bearings. Several features are built into the Pro-Till bearing design to prevent dry running and keep them free from dirt, dust, and moisture:

  • The bearings hub is double sealed on both sides
  • The machine housing has an anti-corrosion coating
  • The seal lips are permanently lubricated
  • High-performance, triple-lipped cassette seal

Maintenance-Free Roller Bearings

Proven through years of research, development and rigorous testing in both lab and field, the advanced sealing technology ensures optimal performance for the customer. technology ensures optimal performance for the customer. TILLXTREME™ offers a one-of-a-kind, exclusive high-performance solution designed to eliminate the need for re-lubrication, saving precious hours needed for field work. PEER’s patented seal design provides significantly improved contamination exclusion than the conventional triple-lip seal design. PEER’s TILLXTREME™ engineered assemblies are more reliable, maintenance-free, and make installation easy. As an environmentally friendly solution, there is no grease purge to contaminate the soil.



Pro-Till’s exclusive Otico rollers are an excellent all-around packer with a unique corrugated ridge profile, which leaves a field finish designed to manage moisture and prevent soil erosion. Pro-Till’s furrow rollers outperform any typical cage roller, regardless of soil type or soil conditions. Proven effective in clay, sand, gumbo, and rocky soil, the furrow roller performs especially well in wet fields. Unlike a cage roller, the furrow roller is designed to shed soil to prevent plugging and reduce maintenance.

Semi-Pneumatic Technology

A special semi-pneumatic technology is integrated into the Pro-Till rollers making them work well in rocky soils and more resistant to wet conditions. Designed by OTICO of France, these exclusive rubber rollers are formulated from special rubber compounds. Uniquely molded over a high-strength steel core, they are also hollow, giving them the ability to flex each turn, partly absorb shock from stones and hard conditions, and also help shed mud with every revolution.

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These rollers are an excellent all-around roller suitable for all types of soil conditions and offer very good consolidation. The micro-ridge shape of the Pro-Till rollers allow water to be stored in the corrugated valleys, driven to lower soil layers and stored in a uniform way. Proper soil consolidation is critical to allow water stored in deep soil layers to flow.

Faster Germination

Corrugated rollers help seeds germinate and grow in the shortest possible time by creating a firm field finish. The compact soil improves the soil to seed/root contact which enables an efficient transfer of nutrients. It also preserves moisture, which is especially important during dry years.

Effective Erosion Control

The Pro-Till rollers are key to protecting soil against heavy rainfalls and high winds. The rollers consolidate the soil, providing valleys for water storage and creating ridges to reduce wind and water erosion.

Enriched Soil Structure

After residue has been cut and mixed, our exclusive corrugated rollers finish the field to perfection. The hollow corrugated rubber design sheds soil, breaks up the larger clods and consolidates the soil to bring fine earth in contact with residue to optimize decomposition.

Improved Gas Exchange

Healthy soil must be allowed to breathe. Pro-Till’s furrow rollers create a pattern of ridges that optimize gas exchange by forming a highly compacted zone next to a less compacted zone. These zones allow a rapid exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen between the soil pores.

Simple, Strong and Clean Scraper System

Utilizing a minimalist approach, the long arms of the scrapers create great trash flow. The scrapers are easy to adjust, easy to clean and are removed with the loosening of a bolt. Max Life scrapers will significantly increase the life and performance of your roller scrapers. The tungsten carbide tipped scrapers maintain their original length and shape, resulting in a clean roller and a more consistent field finish.

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Max Life Scrapers

With up to 10 times longer wear than standard scrapers, Max Life scrapers take advantage of new hard surfacing technology. Tungsten carbide is mixed directly into the molten weld bead. Tungsten carbide is an extremely hard, metal matrix composite material that easily withstands the abrasive effect of running in soil.

During the break-in period, the leading edge of steel is worn off to match the attack angle of the blade. The tungsten carbide is then the primary point of contact.

All New Exclusive LSTXE Roller

The all new Otico LSTXE Roller System is exclusive to the Degelman Pro-Till and will offer unparalleled performance in wet, muddy and sandy conditions. This is due to the traction grooves on each rubber ring that alternate to provide extra traction to drive the roller. 

The roller features Low friction polyethylene (PE) rings pressed between rubber roller tires to reduce mud sticking. 

The groove between rollers is a little wider & deeper to create a slightly deeper soil profile and will process a higher volume of mud, soft soil or sand being thrown toward it.

The scraper plates are narrower & are adjusted further away from the rubber roller which reduces the chance that the scraper plate will contact & damage the rubber.

Cage Roller (9 bar or 12 bar)

In dry, non-sticking soil conditions, the Degelman cage roller ensures any clumps that may be left behind are disintegrated, providing an even, accessible seedbed with moderate consolidation. The helical solid shafts are the largest in the industry; at 1.5” in diameter they provide superior protection against rocks and any other debris that may pose a threat in the field.




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